Knowledge of physics is often the cornerstone of every new technology. For example, Newton’s third law is key to understanding drone propulsion, the second law of thermodynamics governs the dissipation of heat away from microchips inside our computers and smartphones, and navigation systems would not exist without quantum theory. Given the complexity of today’s innovation, it is vital for our clients to be supported by intellectual property lawyers who have a strong understanding of the principles of physics.

A number of Insigne lawyers hold advanced degrees or have significant work experience in physics, which makes them versatile and adaptable in every creative environment. They learn fast and are problem solvers, and can find solutions, where only failure seems to exist. Our physicists turned lawyers are not bound by context and can think outside the box in analyzing and advising on intellectual property procurement or monetization strategy, as well as litigation matters.

Our lawyers have recently advised clients in physics related innovation in areas of biophysics, cryptography, marine power generators, hologram and optical displays, electrical grids, digital signal processing, telecommunications, antenna design, and medical devices, among others.