Electronic devices are complex and highly-detailed in design, and infringement of a patented electronic device is often difficult to detect. In recent times, as the electronics industry has boomed, the legal protection of electrical inventions has grown increasingly fraught with obstacles and complexities. Fortunately, our attorneys have the necessary specialized training and real-world practical experience as electrical and systems engineers. We understand the evolving interplay of law, business, and rapidly-changing technology in this field. We can help you not only protect your invention, but also maximize its value.

For example, we have helped clients evaluate and secure intellectual property protection for network server architectures, internet routing technologies, smartphones, mobile devices, GPS technologies, augmented reality devices, autonomous vehicles, military-grade radar and antenna systems, video projectors, document scanners, satellite systems, and more. We have enforced industry-leading patents against fly-by-night infringers and tech titans, including the U.S. Government. Insigne attorneys have also defended electronics innovators in Federal Courts nationwide, as well as before administrative agencies. In particular, we have successfully defended inter partes review (IPR) proceedings before the USPTO and Section 337 actions before the International Trade Commission (ITC). We know the industry, so we can help you craft a comprehensive IP strategy, from procurement to long-term monetization, while keeping you safe from competitors.