Computer Science

Computers have fundamentally changed the landscape of intellectual property law. From patentability of computer-implemented inventions, to compliance with copyright laws, to the use of trademarks on the Internet, few areas of intellectual property law are evolving faster than those related to computers. Given the dynamic nature of the law in this field, it is key to be advised by knowledgeable lawyers who are specialists in this field.

Many Insigne lawyers have advanced degrees in electrical engineering or computer science. They have broad experience working with software technologies, including prior work experience as software developers and network engineers. Our lawyers speak your language, whether it is Python, Java, or Objective-C, and can help you protect your intellectual property.

For example, we have helped clients patent combined software and hardware systems for high-resolution satellite mapping by GPS, secure international patents and venture capital for industry-changing rideshare and autonomous vehicle applications, enforce patents on data server architecture, evaluate the risk of competitor patent portfolios in the gaming and gesture-recognition industries, obtain clearance to rollout new products, address ownership and inventorship issues, prepare end user license agreements, publish open source software, and more.

Our attorneys have represented clients of all types – from local startup companies securing their first round of financing, to global search engine and smartphone companies. We have the expertise necessary to protect your intellectual property from every angle, at every stage of your company’s growth.