Clients turn to Insigne to counsel them through a wide variety of trust and estate related disputes regarding trust contests, family wealth transitions, fiduciary actions (or inactions), and elder protection issues. Though trusts & wills are supposed to provide an orderly means to hand assets down to the next generation in a way that accurately reflects what parents want to have happen with their estate, that scenario does not always unfold as intended. Whether you are disputing this process or defending against family members disputing the process, our litigators at Insigne actively work with clients, their families and their advisors to avoid or minimize such issues.

Sometimes, however, litigation is unavoidable. In such instances, our litigation experience allows us to lead our clients from the outset of a matter to its conclusion; from pre-litigation investigation and strategic planning to mediation, arbitration, trial and appeal. Our litigators leverage their deep knowledge of the law, as well as their procedural and tactical litigation skills, to guide clients through these complex, and often emotional, disputes.

We litigate trust and estate matters and contests creatively, but efficiently, to reach the best resolution for our clients, because we genuinely care about our clients and want the best for them.