Strategic IP Counseling & Portfolio Management

The path to a successful innovative business can be difficult and overwhelming. Still, with Insigne managing your intellectual property (IP) portfolio and providing practical counseling in line with business objectives, your IP can reach its full value. At Insigne, we can help manage global patent and trademark portfolios while monitoring competitors’ activities for infringement. IP is an essential part of an innovative company; you can reach your business’s true potential with our help.

Whether you have a robust portfolio or just starting your business around a great idea, you will be in good hands with the strong legal IP team at Insigne. From filing to enforcement, our experienced attorneys are ready to work with you and maximize your IP value. As your strategic partner, we can determine the best courses of action, whether applying for a patent, keeping a trade secret, or providing a non-infringement opinion.

Is your business looking into acquiring a company or merging? Then, you need strategic counseling of the IP each side has. Our IP counseling will give you the confidence you need to close or avoid a deal. We can provide a complete picture of the IP assets, which can help identify new revenue streams.