Digital Media and Internet

The Internet is fertile ground for disputes involving intellectual property, false advertising, and unfair competition. For example, trademark law can affect your ability to register a domain name, but it can also help you prevent others from registering a confusingly similar domain. Without you realizing it, invisible metadata on your website can create liability for trademark infringement and unfair competition. And when customers search online for your product, competitors might be redirecting those searches to their website, effectively stealing your customers. Thus, it is essential to implement a coherent offensive and defensive strategy to protect your brand on the Internet.

At Insigne, our lawyers have practical experience with this rapidly-evolving area of law. We protect local and international brands, both offensively and defensively. We have helped our clients secure contested domain names, defend against claims of copyright infringement, register trademarks worldwide, and approve content for online use. We can help you draft and comply with privacy policies, end-user license agreements (EULAs), terms of use, ownership agreements, domain name transfers, and coexistence agreements. Our lawyers have firsthand industry experience, and we will work with you to devise a practical strategy to protect your brand on the Internet.