Sporting Goods

Insigne’s sporting goods experienced attorneys can guide your company while it navigates through manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, trademarks, and patents.

New sporting goods hitting the market will create competition, thus, you need an excellent legal team by your side whether you are in the defense or offense. These sporting good products can bring more revenue to the business and exposures. One way to protect this new asset is to patent the product, but it can be a time-consuming process. Let Insigne work with you and your intellectual property to advise you on what is a good candidate for a patent to save you time and money. With our sporting good knowledge and patent expertise, we will recommend an appropriate patent strategy.

With the release of a new product, a trademark is usually needed to protect its name and reputation in the market. With our expertise, Insigne can help you preparing and submitting your trademark application. Insigne can also help with the matters that might come later, such as licensing deals, data protection, enforcement of intellectual property, contract negation on deals to monetize your intellectual property, defending your intellectual property, and more.

Let Insigne be the innovation at law your business needs.