The ever-changing landscape of firearm regulation places firearm pioneers in a unique position between compliance and innovation. New firearm regulation creates new opportunities for inventors to exercise their creativity and craft components that allow firearms enthusiasts to use and enjoy firearms. Having a plan to protect intellectual property will enable innovators to protect their ideas from being stolen and prevent unauthorized copies from being distributed. Not only do we have the technical expertise to understand how firearms function, but we also have the knowledge and experience to evaluate and protect your idea.

Insigne attorneys are intimately familiar with firearms and have extensive knowledge regarding compliance regulations. Our attorneys include military veterans and range safety officers who stand ready to apply their extensive practical experience to your particular issues creatively. As avid firearm enthusiasts, several Insigne lawyers have a vested interest in helping you realize your goal of bringing innovative compliance parts to the market. Thus, Insigne is one of the only law firms in the U.S. with extensive experience enforcing firearm-related intellectual property rights.