Fashion & Cosmetics

Consumers may go down the aisles of their favorite stores and see rows upon rows of cosmetic products that largely look the same to them. The stores stack them up in such a way that makes those products look bountiful beyond measure. However, each of those products actually has a proprietary blend of ingredients that makes it novel and special. This is why Insigne works with companies to prevent competitors from copying their products.

Fashion and cosmetics is an area that particularly requires intellectual property attorneys at Insigne because this area is incredibly easy to duplicate someone else’s investment and work. Therefore, it is not at all surprising when one company brings legal action against another. Companies use Insigne to maintain their brand and their loyal customer base. Anything short of that raises the potential that the company literally falls apart under the strain of another company having stolen their ideas. That is not acceptable, and that is why Insigne lawyers must be brought on the scene immediately. See what they can do for you when you hire them on.