Global E-commerce platforms (like Amazon, Google Play, and the App Store) may seem like the new “Wild West” of business and marketing. They offer extraordinary opportunities for reaching global markets. Still, the Internet’s exponential growth has outpaced the law in many ways, leaving companies uncertain and vulnerable when conducting business on this new frontier. The e-commerce attorneys at Insigne understand how complicated and frustrating competition on these platforms can be. We have experience navigating these issues, so you can focus on providing the products and services that made you successful in the first place. Insigne can help protect intellectual property, negotiate contracts with distributors, comply with privacy regulations and platform requirements, and conduct business internationally. Our attorneys handle data security breaches, send and respond to takedown notices, and defend against trolls and other bad actors.

Insigne provides all levels of regulatory and business representation to online retailers, consumer product distributors, software developers, gig economy sole proprietors and small businesses, startup companies, Internet service providers, telecommunications technology companies, influencers, and online market innovators. Our clients range from individual celebrity brands on Twitch.tv to product retailers on Amazon.