Chemicals & Petroleum

Many technologies are utilized in the exploration for and recovery of hydrocarbons and in processes and facilities for converting raw hydrocarbons into fuels, lubricants, chemicals, and other specialty products. Upstream, midstream, and downstream participants and industry service providers are constantly innovating and making technical advancements to facilities, processes, and products in order to compete in these capital-intensive industry sectors. Intellectual property rights in these technologies and particularly in improvements to these technologies can both raise complex legal challenges and create strategic opportunities. In addition to being highly knowledgeable in chemistry, engineering, physics, materials science, and business methods, our attorneys have the practical real-world experience with all aspects and integrations of this chain of production in order to help:

  • Protect and maximize intellectual property value,
  • Monetize intellectual property, and
  • Resolve intellectual property disputes

Success in the petrochemical industry requires careful management of risk and capital. Remaining profitable in such a challenging market is becoming increasingly difficult. The strategic protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights can provide that competitive edge and improved profitability.

Petrochemical companies desiring to implement strategic protection of intellectual property need experienced counsel from legal professionals who are versed in the relevant technology and with practical experience in the space. These unique attorneys can be found at Insigne.