Aviation & Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Commercial air travel is a constantly evolving part of everyday life. For example, new technologies have led to the design of more efficient aircraft engines, the manufacturing of fuselages from composite materials, and the implementation of aircraft avoidance software systems. Most recently, what was once known as commercial air travel has expanded to include spaceflight. Future growth in the aviation industry is expected as improvement in software, materials, and aerospace continues to emerge. Insigne has the education and experience to protect innovation in the aviation industry.

The market for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), i.e., drones, is off to a flying start. Traditionally, civilian use of drones was purely for recreation or sport, but now it has expanded to include land surveying, package delivery, and photography. As UAV technologies continue to emerge, so have intellectual property, privacy, and regulatory concerns. Insigne assists clients in navigating the complexities of patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secret law, as well as regulations at the federal and state level. Insigne professionals are subject matter experts in various UAV technologies, having gained a vast amount of experience as aerospace defense contractors and engineers for the Department of Defense.